Working with wood……. I have always admired objects made of wood and have longed to work with wood for many years. One day I decided that I would look for a course in woodworking. After searching the Web I found two sites that looked interesting and called them up.

Well actually, I ended up only calling the first – Talya.

I called her up… spoke maybe 5 sentences with her and she invited me to come and see. Something in her voice made me want to come as soon as possible.

Once I walked into the shop, saw the machines, saw the wood, and most of all saw Talya, I knew I did not have to look farther. That was over two years ago.

Since that wonderful day, once a week, I make my way to "My carpentry class". Yes that is how I feel , that it is mine. The atmosphere is so personal, warm, and most of all creative, that if by chance I miss a week, I feel as though the week is not complete.

All this is due to Talya. She is a great teacher, but much more than that. I have learned not only the techniques needed to work with wood, but the state of mind needed to approach ANY project I desire. To Talya's credit I have pushed myself to make things I would never have dreamed I could. Any task is achievable with Talya at your side.

I highly recommend this place to anyone eager to pursue working with your hands, whether you have had experience or not. But BEWARE !!!!! Once you start, you won't ever want to stop.