Scroll Saw Introductory course

Three concentrated sessions, filled with theoretical background and practical experience, with a total of 12 hours.

What is a Scroll Saw?

  • The Scroll Saw is a small and quiet power saw, similar to a large sewing machine, with a thin blade installed in it.
  • With the scroll Saw one can saw a variety of quality cuts; one can saw wood, veneer, metal sheets, plastic sheets, leather, fabric, and paper.
  • Using the Scroll Saw, it is possible to create toys, games and decorative items, boxes and watches, signs and puzzles, inlays and bowls, marquetry, Intarsia works, and so on.
  • The Scroll Saw is suitable for the use of adults and youths.


Course content

Each session includes a theoretical introduction, hands on experience and a product to take home:

Session 1-General introduction:

  • The Scroll Saw itself and the saw blades (theoretical)
  • Basic sawing techniques, exercise #1 (practical)
  • First product, simple relief (practical)


Session 2:

  • Marquetry (the art of joining pieces of veneer to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures) with wood Veneer (practical)
  • processing materials other than wood, such as metal sheets, paper, Fabric and more (theoretical)
  • wood types for the Scroll Saw (theoretical)


Session 3:

  • 3D sawing (practical)
  • Amorphic shaped boxes (practical)

Technical details:

The next course is planned to start on _________________, Monday evenings, 17:00-21:00, once every two weeks.

Session Dates:


The cost of participating in the 4 session course, including VAT: 1,250 NIS.


The number of participants is limited to five ( the number of Scroll Saws in the workshop)
Participants who own a Scroll Saw and wish to bring it with them – are welcome to do so.