Introduction to Router

The Router, Introduction meeting

The introduction meeting is suitable for people with a basic or better experience in working with tools (such as drill and c) and is especially recommended for those interested in purchasing rotter or the rotter who are interested in specialize.
For those who own a rotter, you should come with the tool, including accessories and cutters on.

The introductory session takes about four hours and includes a theoretical introduction and practical practice.

Meeting subjects:

  • The structure of the Router
  • Cutters on
  • Conduction equipment
  • Directional Feed
  • Practical Work Manual Rotter

Technical details:

Meetings are usually held on Mondays evenings, between the hours of 17:00-21:00.

Session Dates:


Price for participants in the introductory session, 300 NIS including VAT and includes materials.


The number of participants is limited to five (as the number of those devoted to the workshop)
They have a NIMA saw who are interested in coming with their saw–invited.