Intarsia Course

Intarsia with Scroll Saw

Two intensive encounters to study the Intarsia technique
Suitable for those with previous experience in the work of Saw

What is Intarsia?

Intarsia is a wood-processing technique, which uses wood pieces of various types, shape, color and texture, to create a mosaic-like bullet image with an illusion of depth and three-dimensional.

The parts of the tree are in a hand-polished saw to their final shape in a variety of large and small pieces of polishing.

Session Contents:

Session 1: Intarsia-general background and examples,
Select an example and prepare it for execution,
Selecting the appropriate wooden parts, preparing them for sawing and executing the nisthouses.

Session 2: lithosphere for adjusting the parts of the horizontal plane,
For the creation of a depth illusion,
Base Preparation and pasting

Technical details:

The workshops take place on Mondays evenings, at 17:00-21:00 hours.

Session Dates:


Cost of participation including VAT and including materials: 650 NIS


The number of participants is limited to five (as the number of those devoted to the workshop)
They have a NIMA saw who are interested in coming with their saw–invited.