Introduction to wood carving

Two intensive sessions, full of theoretical background and practical experience, totaling 8 hours..

The introductory sessions are suitable for participants who are interested in acquiring basics in the field of carving, for the purpose of independent work later on.

The next series of meetings is scheduled to open on 1.3.21, details at the bottom of the page

פרט מתוך שער מגולף במסגד אל אקצה

What is wood carving?


Wood carving is an ancient technique in which the wood is processed into a three-dimensional sculpture or relief, by hand, using carving sculptors and with the help of maces and sometimes shuffins.

בגילוף, פעולת העיבוד הנה חד סטרית, אפשר לפנות עץ – אי אפשר להוסיף עץ. ולכן In carving, the processing operation is one-way, you can clear wood – you can’t add wood. Therefore, thorough preparatory work is required, followed by a careful search for the statue hidden inside the tree.

Topics of introductory meetings

In each session: a theoretical introduction, and practical work

גילוף - עלי גפן
Session 1:


  •   Tools, chisels, maces, fasteners and types of wood (theoretical)
  •  Basic grips and cuts (practical)
  •   Relief, sample selection and transfer to wood, fixing and clearing the background (practical)


גילוף: ראש זאב
Session 2:


  • Handling tools in general and sharpening sculptors in particular (theoretical)
  • Sharpening practice (practical)
    Continued work on the product, practical carving


גילוף: ינשוף

פרטים טכניים:

סדרת המפגשים הבאה מתוכננת להיפתח ב 1.3.21 , בימי שני בערב, 17:00-21:00, אחת לשבועיים.

תאריכי המפגשים: 1.3.21, 15.3.21


עלות השתתפות בסדרה, כולל מע”מ וכולל חומרים: 620 ₪.


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